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Hana Farms makes a variety of exotic tropical fruit jams and jellies from the local fruit of Hana. On our website we offer both our rich and spicy Banana Butter and our tart and sweet PassionFruit (Lilikoi) Jam. Both of these offerings are availble year round. 

Be sure to stop by our retail outlet where other seasonal favorites might be available.


Passion Fruit (Lilikoi) Jam

cut-purple-lilikoililikoijamOur exotic tropical Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) Jam is made from Lilikoi that are grown locally here in Hana. Lilikoi are sweet but slightly tart and are a local favorite here on the island of Maui.  Our Lilikoi Jam is a yummy treat as fruit spread and makes a great base for marinades and sauces. Ingredients: Lilikoi, Maui cane sugar, Agar Agar
Net Weight: 6 oz.

 addtocart     Lilikoi Jam - $8.95 

Banana Butter

large-rackbananabutterIf you like apple butter you will love our exotic tropical Banana Butter. We use a mix of local bananas including Apple Banana's that we grow here on our farm.  Our Banana Butter is a great multi-purpose spread, great on sandwiches and as a condiment.

 Ingredients: Banana, Maui cane sugar, lemon, butter, cinnamon, clove, allspice.
Net Weight: 6 oz.

 addtocart     Banana Butter - $8.95 

Hana Bee Honey

Hana Bee Honey LogoHana-Bee-Splash1We absolutely love his local Hana honey from Hana Bee Maui Honey! This honey is harvested from the lush slopes of the East Maui rain forrest.This bountiful landscape provides honey bees with a myriad of flowers to collect nectar and pollen. . Ingredients: Raw Maui Honey with Pollen
Net Weight: 6 oz.

 addtocart     Hana Bee Honey - $13.95