About Hana Farms

stand-and-taroAbout Hana Farms

Hana Farms is located on the lush north eastern coast of Maui, Hawaii, on the famous Hana Highway. We grow a large variety of exotic tropical fruits and spices and produce a variety of products made exclusively of local ingredients. We have developed a large local network of small suppliers all growing, harvesting, and processing fruit in our isolated tropical paradise. Our goal is to encourage and support our local agricultural entrepreneurs and the local economy by marketing and exporting locally grown and produced products.


 Hana Farms is located in Hana Maui, on the eastern end of the island. Hana is one of the most isolated communities in the state. It is reached mainly via the famous Hana Highway, a long and winding 52 mile highway along Maui's northern shore.

After the 52-mile drive passing endless breathtaking waterfalls the remote jungle village of Hana finally appears. You will reach Hana Farms around mile marker 31 about three miles before the center of town. Look for the "welcome to Hana" or "Aloha" sign.

Hana Waterfall 


 Hana Farms is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year from around 7am till sunset. Come visit us for warm banana bread and hot coffee in the mornings and don't forget to stop on the way out of town to stock up for the drive home.